About Us
Who Are We?
We are a locally owned and operated company and we love to see the excitement on people's faces when they experience the astounding beauty that is the Lake Tahoe area. When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area we discovered that many people were frustrated by not being able to quickly and easily find their perfect rental for their next family visit to Tahoe. They would need to search out numerous rental sites with differing levels of information and clutter. There was no 'one place' where they could find all the very best rentals in Tahoe in a uniform and pleasurable manner. We wanted to create a service that would surpass our friends' and co-workers' needs...we believe we've accomplished this in BlueTahoeRentals.
Supporting Local Causes
We believe one of the keys to a strong and vital community is to support local causes. We help our property owners and managers do just that. We donate 10% of featured listing fees every year to local charities and causes that we feel are vital to keeping Tahoe a beautiful and valuable natural resource for generations to come.
For Lake Tahoe Visitors
We believe the process of searching for your special place to stay in Tahoe should be as enjoyable as your actual stay. We've tried to create a well organized, detail appropriate, and visual site that allows visitors to effortlessly find their specail place in the Lake Tahoe area. We also wanted to provide a way for property owners/managers to be able to directly communicate special deals to visitors. You can recieve these deals just by marking a property as one of your favorites, or even just by viewing the listing.  learn more...
For Property Owners/Managers
We are a fast growing rental property listing site specializing in the Lake Tahoe area. We are strictly a beautiful venue on which to showcase your property. We are not a property management service, nor are we striving to become one. Our aim is to provide property owners and/or managers with a highly effective listing venue at a fantastic value. We simply want to provide visitors to the Tahoe area with a simple, uncluttered, and consistently organized service through which they can easily find their next vacation dream rental.  learn more...
We hope you'll enjoy searching our site and finding your next special place, or providing that special place for others. More importantly, we hope you'll love Lake Tahoe as much as we do and continue to visit time and time again!
Johnny Blue