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Incredible Marketing Value
We believe marketing your rental property should be a cost effective activity. We've seen some listing venues charge as much as $350 per year and find that to be incredibly expensive. List on Blue Tahoe Rentals for FREE! You'll also receive a free 15 day 'Featured' coupon to use as is or applied to a longer featured upgrade.
Unlimited Photos
Your photos of your rental property are what really tell the story to your potential renters. You shouldn't be limited to a small number of photos in order to tell that story...and you definitely should not be charged an additional fee if you want to add more. We believe you should be able to provide as many photos as you feel are necessary to properly tell your story as part of our same low yearly listing fee.
Availability Calendar
Manage the availablity of your property quickly and easily directly on the site. We beleive it's very important to your renters to be able to easily interpret your rental rates and availability. We've seen other sites just list them in text format in a very confusing and haphazard manner. We provide you with the tools to easily manage the rate for each day on your calendar so you can effectively commuicate with potential renters and increase your conversion.
Featured Listings
Get more exposure for your property by featuring it in search results and on location maps. You can feature your property for anywhere from 15 days to 180 days depending on your needs. You can also track how effective your 'Featured' status is from within your account area.
Proactive Renter Interaction
Provide potential renters who have shown interest in your property with special deals to increase your property's utilization rate.
Listing Activty Stats and Search Trends
Monitor the activity for your listing from your dashboard area. You'll be able to view pertinent stats, manage your inquiries, and gain insight into other properties that are vying for the same renters. Also, gain valuable insight into the criteria that are important to renters so you can maximize your property's utilization rate.
Support Local Charitable Causes
We believe very strongly that the Tahoe area will remain a treasured resource if we support local charitable casues. To this end, 10% of featured listing fees will be donated across the causes you select. For each listing you can choose which ones to make sure your portion of the donation goes to causes about which you feel strongly.
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