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By registering on the site, not only will you be able to search for that perfect rental, you'll also be eligible to receive special deals directly from the property owners. Like hotels, property owners are always trying to maximaize the number of days per month that their property is rented. Quite often they will provide special deals throughout the year to do this. Only registered members of the site are eligible to receive these deals.
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Designate properties as a 'Favorite' as you find them in your searches. You'll be able to quickly refer to them whenever you want. Very often, property owners will create special deals for those members that have makrked their property as a Favorite.
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Be among the first to view new listings in those areas of Tahoe that are important to you. As new properties are added we'll alert you based on the criteria you used in previous searches.
Support Local Charitable Causes
We believe very strongly that the Tahoe area will remain a treasured resource if we support local charitable casues. To this end, we set aside 10% of featured listings fees on BlueTahoeRentals for charities designated by registerd users. After registering, you'll be able to choose which charities will receive a portion of the donation so you can ensure causes about which you feel strongly are supported.
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